Our Partner

Show me your friends, so you know who you are.

“Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are!”

An old aphorism that has lost none of its expressiveness and topicality even today. For this reason, Haus IT works together with a network of professional partners.

Deutsche Glasfaser

We are a partner of INEXIO Deutsche Glasfaser Business in the area of FTTB distribution.

Vodafone Business

We are a partner for Vodafone business products.

Vodafone Business

As a LANCOM Silver Partner, we support companies in the field of enterprise networking and IT security.

Cisco – Placetel

As a Gold Partner of Placetel, we are a strong partner for SMEs in the field of telephony, Microsoft Teams and Webex.

terra – Wortmann AG

Made in Germany is written in capital letters at Wortmann. For this reason, we have chosen terra – Wortmann AG as our preferred hardware partner.


Televes Corporation is much more than just a leading company in the field of television signal reception and distribution technology. It is the main brand within a group of companies that are present in different areas of telecommunications infrastructures

Mertens GmbH

In corporate digitisation projects, we work together with Mertens GmbH as our sales and consulting partner.

brennholt GmbH

In technical projects of information and communication technology, questions of company organisation, employee qualification and management culture quickly play a role. brennholt gmbh supports us in these fields of action.